Stilt Walkers

Our stilt walkers are fully trained and ready to bring some wacky 10ft fun and theatrical entertainment, wether it be indoor or outdoor!

Alice In Wonderland


Ele- Mental Fairies

Fairies stilt walk or theatrical walkabout, fairies that are mental about the elements!

Alice In wonderland Tea Party take over!

Theatrical Stilt walkabout that brings Lewis Carrols famous book to life! We Are all Mad here!!

(photography by Sam frank wood photography, costumes by dragon planet designs at Pink moon Camping retreat)


Stiltwalk carnival with circus high energy walkabout


Sugar Skull Skeletons

(photography by Mickey Doh Doh at Umberslade farm Bonfire event)

Christmas LED Angels

(Photography by Numb2Void, costumes by Dragon Planet Designs at Sheffield Christmas market)

Circus Stilts

(Photography and costumes by Dragon planet Designs, at Lunar Festival)
(Photography and costumes by Ben harrison at Illumiante The gardens with Events collective lTd)

LED Jellyfish

For additional details on Our unique LED Jellyfish act Jiggling Jellyfish

(Photography by Dragon planet designs, LED jellyfish Cirque Du Bleurgh own creation at Knot Tied festival)