Safety Disclaimer

When purchasing a prop from us, or taking a classes with us, the customer agrees not to hold Cirque Du Bleurgh liable for any damages that may incur while using our products and/or fire performer gear in situations involving open flame and combustible liquids or Grinding props.

Upon placing an order with Cirque du Bleurgh it is assumed that the customer has sufficient knowledge to safely use our products and/or fire performer gear. Cirque du bleurgh are not liable for any damages that may incur from information collected from this website or from our staff.

Lets face it, when you play with fire you get burned. it is very likely that as a fire performer you have been burned from performing with fire props or will one day be burned. Cirque du Bleurgh ask that you take the time to always practise good fire safety while playing with fire or Fire props/grinding gear. Every time you light up your gear your are representing the entire fire community and it is important to set an example of appropriate fire safety. It only takes one mistake to get injured or create an accident and practising proper fire safety will prevent these situations form happening.

Take care, have fun and be safe!